NeoCell Introduces Liquid HA Formula

Newport Beach, California – The NeoCell Corporation has developed a liquid supplement that promises both anti-aging benefits and antioxidant protection with just one tablespoon a day.

PureHA® blueberry liquid is not only a great alternative to tablets and capsules but is also formulated to provide a low-molecular weight source of HA for better absorption by the body. NeoCell utilizes a patent-pending rooster comb extraction process that delivers a higher concentration of HA. Add to that pomegranates' ellagic acid, and green tea polyphenols (EGCG), and PureHA® blueberry liquid offers a potent all natural dietary supplement that ensures replacement of essential fluid to joints, eyes, heart and skin.

Used regularly, PureHA® blueberry liquid prolongs smooth-looking skin for a more youthful appearance, lubricates joints and protects the eyes. To obtain more detailed information visit or call toll free 1-800-346-2922.

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