New Elations(R) Powder Format Packs Convenience & Portability

Elations(R), the category-leading glucosamine and chondroitin supplement, now offers their patent-pending formula in a tasty powder form for improving joint health. When mixed with your favorite bottle of water, the powder packets deliver the same National Institutes of Health (NIH) recommended levels of glucosamine and chondroitin as the original Elations drink supplement which delivers relief for moderate to severe osteoarthritis sufferers.

Since the reformulated product was first introduced in early 2009, sales have increased significantly, proving people have felt tremendous relief with the Elations reformulated product. New consumer testing showed that seventy-five percent of the general population strongly agrees that powder would be good to use on the go and that it's more absorbable and easier to swallow than pills. Elations responded by developing an easy, on-the-go daily powder packet that contains only 25 calories.

"I tell my client in order to combat joint discomfort you must remember to stretch and strengthen your body and use your Elations supplementation," said Andrea Metcalf, Boomer Fitness Expert. "It's the only way I like to supplement, one powder pack added to my bottle of water and I'm good to go...and it's delicious!"

The new Elations powder pack will be available in two-flavors -- Cranberry-Apple and Raspberry White Grape. To use, empty contents of one packet into a 20-ounce bottle of water, then shake or mix well. Elations powder will be available February 2010. Suggested retail price for the 7-stick box ranges from $6.97 - $7.99.

Also, in September Elations introduced a new flavor, Black Cherry, to its line-up.

Elations is available nationwide. Consumers can purchase the new powder product in the following locations:

-- Grocery stores in the nutritional drinks aisle

-- Drug stores in the supplement aisle

-- Mass merchandisers


About The Elations Company

ELATIONS(R), the fastest-growing brand of glucosamine and chondroitin supplements in the U.S., was formulated based on the National Institutes of Health GAIT Study conducted in 2006, which showed that 1500 mg of glucosamine and 1200 mg of chondroitin, taken daily, significantly reduced joint pain among those with moderate to severe osteoarthritis. In late 2008 the company completed a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical study. The results (at 99% confidence) demonstrated that Elations improved joint comfort in as little as six days, with many participants reporting improved comfort within three days*. Based in Cincinnati, the company is staffed by a dedicated team with a passionate commitment to keep baby boomers booming. To learn more about the brand and company, visit

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