New Respiratory Guard(TM) Lozenges Deliver Elderberry Extract

It has long been known that the fruit of the elderberry is highly enriched in bioactive compounds that provide health benefits through their antioxidant and immune functions. In fact, elderberry elixirs have been used for centuries as a home remedy for upper respiratory infections. Now, a team of researchers has scientifically identified the specific bioactives present in elderberry, and optimized the levels of those bioactives in a standardized, proprietary elderberry extract. The result is Respiratory Guard, an all-natural dietary supplement created to boost immune defenses and support respiratory health. It is available at

Respiratory Guard, marketed by Complete Health LLC, is a blueberry-flavored lozenge that can be chewed or allowed to dissolve in the mouth, quickly delivering to the bloodstream a consistent dose of the proprietary elderberry extract. It is produced using a unique extraction technology developed by HerbalScience Group LLC, a company dedicated to applying advanced science and technology to the production of botanical drugs and nutraceuticals.

"Knowing the historical use of elderberry, we set out not only to identify the chemistries within elderberry that offer health benefits, but also to discover how the specific bioactives work to enhance the immune system," said Randall S. Alberte, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer of HerbalScience Group. "In addition, we developed an exclusive extraction technology that standardizes the chemical profile of our proprietary elderberry extract, enabling us to deliver a dietary supplement that is effective, safe, and reliable, with true batch to batch consistency."

The mode of action of the proprietary elderberry extract in Respiratory Guard was identified in several laboratory studies that determined how specific flavonoids (plant nutrients that are beneficial to health) in elderberry bind to invaders and prevent them from entering host cells. A double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study was also conducted, and showed that the elderberry extract in Respiratory Guard had a significantly positive effect on patients' immune defenses within 48 hours. The results of these studies have been published in scientific journals including Photochemistry and Online Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacokinetics.

Respiratory Guard is marketed by Complete Health LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of HerbalScience Group LLC. HerbalScience Group, is a privately-held life sciences company headquartered in Naples, Florida, with facilities in Singapore. HerbalScience is engaged in the discovery, development, manufacture, and marketing of proprietary botanical compounds for human health in the U.S. and international markets. The company has prominent alliances with prestigious university laboratories and prominent researchers in the U.S., as well as research institutions in China.

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