Northwest Natural Products Introduces Omega-3 Gummy Fish(TM) Product with Tresalbio(TM) for Children's Supplemental Nutrition

ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Northwest Natural Products, Inc., a leading marketer of nutritional supplements featuring consumer-friendly delivery systems, has announced that it has launched a new Omega-3 nutritional supplement product as part of its award-winning L'il Critters® line. The new product, called Omega-3 Gummy Fish(TM) will feature a premium chia seed extract as the source of Omega-3s as well as DHA in its formula. It is targeted toward the potential for brain development in children that has been shown in several studies with Omega-3s. Chia seed extract is considered a desirable Omega-3 source for human consumption because it is plant-based, has a high Omega-3 concentration and a clean taste profile. Northwest Natural Products has chosen Tresalbio(TM) chia seed extract, manufactured by leading botanical extract supplier Valensa International, as the Omega-3 source in its new product.

According to Kate Jones, Vice President of Northwest Natural Products, the use of Tresalbio(TM) fits with the company's goal of creating products that target kids' taste buds at the same time as they deliver top-flight nutritional benefits. "When you're making a product destined for use by children, taste is the one issue that cannot be compromised. In developing our Omega-3 Gummy Fish(TM), we reviewed virtually every Omega-3 source -- both fish- and plant-based -- and Tresalbio(TM) was the only one that met our goals for taste. With Tresalbio(TM), we found an ingredient that excelled in our sensory panels and at the same time gave us a better product nutritionally," she added. In addition to its excellent taste profile and stability, Tresalbio(TM) has a higher level of Omega-3 fatty acids than any commonly used natural source, with more than 600 mg per 1 gram of extract. For the consumer, this translates into a smaller effective dose requirement as well as fewer unwanted constituents and calories.

According to Dr. Rudi E. Moerck, President of Valensa International, the use of the company's Tresalbio(TM) chia seed extract points to the visionary commitment of Northwest Natural Products to expanding options for children's nutrition. "When our product development team at Valensa first came up with the idea for Tresalbio(TM), we knew we had an ingredient that responded to a number of trends in the market and a premium, high-value source of Omega-3 fatty acids. We think that it is fitting that the first large use of Tresalbio(TM) is in a gummy-type children's vitamin product," he said. "It is a tribute to the creativity and commitment of the people of Northwest Natural Products that they went the extra mile to find an ingredient that would meet all their product development goals," he added.

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