Novelle International Announces Spokesman Agreement With Dr. Ward Bond

BRADENTON, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Annie Eng, founder of Novelle International, Inc., has announced that the company has entered into an agreement with noted nutrition educator and national television host Ward W. Bond, Ph.D., to promote Maqui Superberry, a super-premium antioxidant supplement.

Dr. Bond will detail, in his inimitably warm style, how such a power-packed antioxidant supports health and homeostasis. As part of the agreement, he will lead presentations at conventions and events, such as Natural Products Expo East, do radio and TV interviews, and provide commentary and articles for national and local publications and newsletters.

Bond hosts “Nutritional Living,” a television show dedicated to teaching consumers how easy and fulfilling it is to improve overall quality of life, health and happiness through natural and organic foods, supplements and practices. The show airs on three regional and two national networks that include Dish TV; it is broadcast daily Monday through Friday and reaches approximately 35 million U.S. households.

“Working with Dr. Bond is a true coup for us as a new company,” Eng says. “It is the culmination of my years of work with the Mapuche tribe in Chile and researchers worldwide to verify the profound benefits of Maqui. It has been my lifelong work to bring to consumers dietary supplements that give the gift of health and longevity, that are safe and easy to take.”

Ms. Eng escorted Dr. Bond to Chile to meet the native Mapuche Indians, research scientists and fruit processor to gain a thorough understanding of the harvesting, processing and fulfillment processes. “I am honored to be part of this amazing initiative. Furthermore, Annie has identified health and educational needs for the Mapuche children and will be giving back some of the proceeds in one of the top sustainability stories I have seen in this industry,” said Dr. Bond.

Maqui Superberry will be featured in Bond’s latest book, “20 Life Changing Nutrients,” available in August, and he will be signing his book at Natural Products Expo East.

Maqui Superberry is packed with anthocyanins its ORAC value is certified by Brunswick Laboratories. Maqui Superberry is an antioxidant supplement for healthy aging, inhibiting free radicals, and strengthening the immune system.

Dr. Bond’s Nutritional Living Television Show will feature Maqui on July 7th and July 30th on DirecTV, Dish TVT and TCT Regional Network.

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