NPI Bites Review: Avesta Organic Amla

Avesta organic amla is my first experience with product review in the real natural and nutritional products world. Outside of Flintstone vitamins when I was a kid, and a few products from store shelves that theoretically might qualify, much of this is entirely new to me, and I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Amla has been used in ayurvedic practice as a rejuvenative fruit, high in natural vitamin C, and is known for being an anti-oxidant with an ORAC value of over 1,500 per serving.

Ths particular product comes in individual packs (30 per box) that each contain one gram of amla. To use, you simply tear open the pack and empty it into a beverage of your choice, and mix thoroughly. I found that shaking the amla after putting it in liquid didn’t help to break it down, but found it dissolved itself very well if left alone for approximately five minutes.

I’ve tried the amla mixed in a few different beverages, including water and green tea drinks. When the amla is mixed into plain water, it gives it a slightly herbal taste, but nothing too excessive. It also gave the water a color that some may find reminiscent of pond water. Personally I found it fine that way. Mixed into flavored beverages, I found that the amla actually couldn’t be tasted at all.

The amla can also be mixed into water, lotion or other products and used in skin care, adding that use value to the product. I personally didn’t try mixing it into a masque for skin benefit, but don’t let that stop you from trying it out.

Directions say to use amla up to three times a day, so with 30 packs in a box, that will obviously only last about one third of any month. However, at $16.95 per box, it’s a moderate expense, so perhaps using it twice a day to stretch out your dollar is something to keep in mind.

Avesta’s website is

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