Nutrient profiling breakthrough in sight

Agreement on a nutrient profiling system for the EU Nutrition & Health Claims is at last on the horizon. European Commission DG Sanco issued an amended proposal in March following criticism of an earlier draft by fellow DGs Enterprise and Agriculture & Rural Development.

They had expressed concern that thresholds for salt, fat and sugar for some food categories were set too low, so low they would be impossible to achieve. This, they warned, would remove any incentive for companies to work toward meeting them, stifling innovation in the process. The March draft appears to have taken their comments into account. It remains unlikely that the profiles will be adopted until after the June EU parliamentary elections and the draft is still out to wider consultation. "This is a very positive development," said David Richardson of DPR Nutrition. "If you'd asked me 12 months ago if they'd be able to agree on a system at all, I would have been dubious. But I'm now optimistic they can find a solution."

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