OhYeah!® Launches 3 New Flavors

ISS Research has launched expanded the OhYeah!® brand. These 14oz. ready-to-drink shakes are now available in five great flavors, with the addition of Cookies & Crème, Strawberries & Crème, and Bananas & Crème.

OhYeah!® RTDs are shaking up the grab’n’go nutrition with a milkshake taste and a protein punch. Each one of our five superior flavors deliver a massive 32 grams of premium whey protein with only three grams of sugar, lactose free with minimal fat for that guilty-free satisfaction.

Whether you’re an extreme athlete, carb conscious dieter or someone simply wanting to maintain lean muscle mass, OhYeah!® ready-to-drink shakes deliver. Let us exceed your expectations.

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