PacificHealth Labs Launches FORZE GPS, an Appetite Management Tool for Athletes

PacificHealth Laboratories, Inc., a nutrition technology company and maker of popular sports performance drinks Accelerade(TM) and Endurox(R) R4(R), today announced the launch of FORZE GPS(TM), the first scientifically proven appetite management tool created specifically for athletes.

All natural FORZE GPS nutrition bars and drinks use a multi-patented blend of healthy fats, protein and calcium that is clinically proven to activate the body's natural appetite control signal (cholecystokinin or CCK) with as few as 45 calories per serving. FORZE GPS solves the problem of excess calorie intake by satisfying one's appetite in a calorie-efficient manner. Fast-acting FORZE GPS delivers the functionality of lasting appetite control in a delicious snack.

According to a study to be presented at the Society of Behavioral Medicine Conference in Montreal, Canada, on April 22-25, 2009, more than 77.4% of endurance athletes are concerned or very concerned about managing their weight.

Tested by trainers and professional triathletes, FORZE GPS helps athletes get leaner and achieve optimum performance in training and competition. "One of the critical keys to getting leaner is appetite regulation," said Dave Scott, six-time Hawaii Ironman world champion. "Athletically, the leaner a body becomes, the greater its potential for speed and endurance. Many athletes find it difficult to satisfy their appetite each day without consuming more calories than they need and consequently accumulate excess body fat."

Fitness consultant Dave Scott, and professional triathletes Greg and Laura Bennett, Leanda Cave, Pip Taylor and Brooke Davison have signed on as partners for FORZE GPS and are using the products to great effect in the 2009 race season.

FORZE GPS drinks will be available in delicious vanilla and chocolate flavors at a suggested retail price of $11.99 for a pack of four. Bars are offered in great-tasting chocolate peanut butter and cranberry nut flavors at a suggested retail price of $1.99 per bar. FORZE GPS will be available in sports retail stores beginning in April 2009 and is available now online at For additional information please visit

About the Company
PacificHealth Laboratories, Inc., is a leading sports nutrition company that focuses on marketing, developing and selling premium nutrition tools for exercisers and athletes seeking to improve their health and performance. We are highly active in the endurance sports arena. Our brands and patents are typically protein-based and extend to cover areas such as appetite regulation. PHLI's principle areas of focus are sports performance and recovery, including optimal weight management. To learn more, visit

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