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PCC Natural Markets rolls out bulk vitamins with VitalBulk

PCC Natural Markets rolls out bulk vitamins with VitalBulk
Partnering with VitalBulk enables the nation's largest co-op to sell multivitamins, calcium and omega-3 supplements at half the price.

The nation’s largest food co-op, PCC Natural Markets, is adding a new category to its bulk offerings: dietary supplements. According to an Aug. 24 post on its Facebook page, the Seattle-based retailer rolled out in its Edmonds, Wash.-based store a line of bulk vitamins and minerals through a partnership with VitalBulk, which makes a patented bulk dispensary system for supplements and other OTC products.

Here’s a description of how the new offering is being positioned on the retailer's Facebook page:

“Want to buy your basic multivitamin, calcium or omega-3 supplement at about half the cost? Reduce single use packaging and help the planet? Visit our bulk vitamin set here at PCC Edmonds. The supplements are top quality, meeting PCC’s very high standards of purity.”

Along with appealing to eco-conscious shoppers, the move will enable PCC to compete with Internet and other discount supplement sellers on price—a tough thing to do for most natural products retailers. It will be interesting to see if shoppers come in for their bulk “commodity” vitamins and then also purchase more specialty and condition-specific branded offerings while they are in the PCC supplement aisles. That would be a win for PCC and its supplement vendors alike.

Check out a slideshow of the VitalBulk system in action.

If you like the idea, vote to send VitalBulk to Shark Tank, the ABC television series that gives budding entrepreneurs the chance to pitch their ideas to prospective investors.

Would you sell bulk supplements in your store? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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