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PNI Introduces Plant-Sourced Celadrin for Joint Health

Proprietary Nutritionals Inc. (PNI) announced the launch of Vege Celadrin™, a vegetable-based version of the natural ingredient Celadrin® for joint health. Both Vege Celadrin and Celadrin were developed by Imagenetix Inc. for use in nutritional supplements and topical creams.

Introduced to the market in 2004, Celadrin is a natural compound composed of animal-sourced esterified fatty acid carbons (EFACs). Clinical trials have shown it to be safe, non-toxic and effective in reducing joint discomfort and improving joint flexibility. Given its success in the marketplace, Imagenetix scientists sought to develop a plant-sourced material that would deliver the same anti-inflammatory properties as conventional Celadrin.

“It took several years of R&D, but now we have a Vege Celadrin ingredient derived from plant sources that is as safe and effective as the original, animal-sourced Celadrin,” said Dean Mosca, President of PNI. “This development enables us to meet the joint-health needs of vegetarian consumers looking for alternatives to animal-sourced products.”

According to Bill Spencer, President of Imagenetix, “We finally have a plant- derived Celadrin that matches the chemical characteristics of the original Celadrin, so we’re confident the mechanisms of action and effectiveness are the same.”

The plant-sourced material in Vege Celadrin provides the same fatty acid composition that has been proven effective in the original Celadrin ingredient. Recently, researchers at Boston University studied the effects of both Vege Celadrin and Celadrin on key cytokines involved in the inflammatory process. The results indicated that both Vege Celadrin and Celadrin showed significant anti-inflammatory action.

“Dosage and pricing for Vege Celadrin will be same as Celadrin,” said Mosca. As with the original Celadrin, Vege Celadrin can be formulated into both pill and cream forms. Vege Celadrin would also be a good complement to other vegetable-based ingredients such as glucosamine,” he added.

Based in San Diego, CA, Imagenetix Inc. is an innovator of scientifically tested and proprietary bioceutical products developed to enhance human and animal health. Visit for more information, or call 858/674-8455.

Proprietary Nutritionals, Inc., a subsidiary of Pharmachem Laboratories, Inc., is located in Kearny, New Jersey. PNI markets a variety of patented, scientifically proven, branded ingredients to the nutraceutical industry. For further information, contact Dean Mosca at [email protected] or 519/647-2071.

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