Polyphenols: Danisco Invests in Apple-based Health & Nutrition Ingredient Evesse™

The current apple polyphenol market is still relatively small but has significant growth potential as the global health and nutrition market is still expanding and new applications for polyphenol ingredients are continuously being marketed all over the world, with the total polyphenol market estimated at more than EUR 100 million in Europe alone.

Fabienne Saadane-Oaks, President of Danisco Bio Actives, says:
‘Our health and nutrition strategy is clear and we are also moving into new areas of business to become the First choice ingredient partner for our customers in health and nutrition. This product is particularly strong in cardiovascular health which is one of our key strategic health platforms. We are a leading player in the world market for health promoting ingredients and our customers continue to request new ingredients with health claims based on sound science.’

Evesse™ apple polyphenols enhance Danisco’s health and nutrition portfolio and will fit nicely to the existing natural antioxidant portfolio used for food protection, as well as our offer to the dietary supplement and food and beverage industries. The Evesse™ ingredient which will be available as a powder and granule has a neutral taste and odour allowing easy formulation in different foods and beverages.

The first sales are expected to occur in 2011, initially targeting the dietary supplements market but will develop into food and beverages. The markets outside of Asia, particularly the US and Europe, are of special interest to Danisco as the growth potential here is extensive.

Commenting on the business partnership with Danisco, Richard Wood, Chief Executive for Coressence Limited, notes: ‘Coressence has been engaged for the last five years in developing the production of high yielding polyphenol extraction from specially selected and protected apple varieties. The long term collaborative agreement with Danisco for EvesseTM in the food ingredients market is a key part of our programme. As a result, we will build on the special patented technology, developed for the first stage of our licensed agreement and create second generation technology formats, all of which can be added to food based products.’

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