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Prescription for Cancer Protection

The following supplements can help keep disease at bay. Work with your health care practitioner to determine a regimen suited for your needs.

Bromelain (pineapple): 100 mg/day of 500-1,000 MCU/100 mg potency

Carotenoids (orange, yellow, red foods): 25,000-50,000 IU/day, full-spectrum carotenoid compounds

Curcumin: tincture; 2 tsp/day; capsules; 1,500-3,000 mg/day

Flax meal: 1/4 cup or more/day

Flax oil: 1 tbsp/day

Garlic: 4,000 mcg allicin or 10,000 mcg alliin or 3,000 mcg s-allylcystein or 4 g fresh garlic

Genistein (clover, soybeans, other legumes): 50-75 mg/day

Glutathione (asparagus, avocados, broccoli, watermelon): 2,000-3,000 mg/day reduced glutathione or 300 mg 2-3x/day N-acetyl-cysteine

Quercetin (onions, apples, black tea): 1,500-3,000 mg/day

Reishi mushrooms: tincture; 2 tsp/day; capsules; 1,500-3,000 mg/day

Shiitake mushrooms: tincture; 2 tsp/day; capsules; 1,500-3,000 mg/day

Vitamin C: 2-3 g/day

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