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ProTab Labs launches new quick-melt tablet technology

ProTab Labs launches new quick-melt tablet technology
Proprietary Qk-MeltTech technology creates quick-melt tablets that dissolve rapidly in the mouth, as quickly as 45 seconds, without needing water. 

ProTab Laboratories, a GMP contract manufacturing facility in Southern California, introduces its newly developed and proprietary Qk-MeltTech™ technology for the manufacture of quick-melt tablets that dissolve rapidly in the mouth, as quickly as 45 seconds, without the need of water.

ProTab’s new technology offers an excellent alternative to consumers who experience difficulty swallowing traditional tablets with or without water. Dysphagia (difficulty in swallowing) affects about 35 percent of the general population and is common among all age groups with a higher percentage found among older consumers.

Randy Pollan, vice president of sales for the company, commented, “The availability of quick-dissolve tablets offers our customers excellent new options for their product line and offers consumers a wonderful alternative to traditional tablets.” The company’s new technology ensures excellent friability of the tablets, making it easier for the tablet to break into smaller pieces very quickly ensuring quick dissolution.

Qk-MeltTech technology requires, among other things, excellent flavors to ensure excellent taste and a pleasant experience for the consumer. ProTab offers its customers access to an extensive flavor library, full technical support with custom formulation and flavor solutions for their products. Pollan added: “We want customers to know that we are truly committed to innovation and using advanced technologies in order to deliver the highest quality products available in today’s nutritional industry.”

The company’s capabilities include R&D services, custom formulation, large capacity for granulation (fluid bed and tray drying), chilsonation, mixing, custom blends, tableting (chewable, coated, enteric, slow release, bi-layer and sublingual), encapsulation, powders (instantization and coating) and full packaging services including blister packaging.

ProTab Laboratories is equipped with a complete analytical laboratory for quality control, tablet dissolution testing capabilities and with large-capacity equipment in order to offer excellent quality and short lead-times.


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