Protient Introduces Domestic Micellar Casein

Protient, Inc., of St. Paul, MN introduces Micellar Casein (Protient 5202) that contains 92% micellar casein. Protient 5202 is obtained through a proprietary process that involves many filtration steps. Protient 5202 is made from domestic skim milk, giving it a clean, bland flavor when compared with other isolated proteins. It is highly soluble, making it an excellent choice for a variety of products and is European Union and Kosher certified.

The microfiltration/ultrafiltration process used by Protient to concentrate the milk proteins from skim milk does not alter the pH of the protein nor is it heat treated during the filtration steps. This serves to prevent aggregation or dissociation of the casein micelles and keep the micelles intact. The water filtration process does not alter the covalent or electrostatic binding of the micelles, and because of the lack of secondary structure of caseins, mechanical dissociation does not occur. The overall effect is a stable product very high in micellar casein that also contains some whey proteins.

Protient 5202 is an excellent choice to replace casein and caseinates. It can withstand UHT processing conditions which make it ideal for ready-to-drink beverages. The low fat and low lactose contents, excellent solubility, and milk-like flavor make it a unique ingredient for low fat and low carbohydrate applications as well as nutritional supplements.

Protient is the world’s fastest growing manufacturer of nutritional proteins, featuring whey, milk and soy proteins. Corporate headquarters are strategically located in St. Paul, Minnesota with manufacturing facilities in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and New Mexico. For further information, contact Protient at 651-638-2600 or visit our website at

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