Published Clinical Study Shows Adding Aminogen® Triples Rate of Whey Protein Absorption

Triarco Industries announced today that a clinical study published in The Journal of The International Society of Sports Nutrition shows adding Aminogen® to processed whey protein can double and even triple the rate at which whey protein is absorbed. According to the study, this increased absorption rate raises levels of free amino acids by 100% and branched-chain amino acid levels (BCAAs) by 250% more than when whey protein is digested without the patented enzyme system. The study also reports that adding Aminogen® increases nitrogen retention by 32%.

“Increasing the absorption rate is key for whey protein consumers who are concerned about the effects processing may have on bioavailability and want to maximize the benefits of their protein intake,” explained Triarco Director of Research and Development, Dr. Mark Anderson.

The study’s authors noted that while whey protein is considered easily digested when compared to some other sources of dietary protein, the maximum absorption rate of whey protein has been reported to be between 8 to 10 grams per hour. Gastrointestinal transit time for viscous liquids, during which nutrient absorption can occur, is reported to be 1.5 hours. Protein powders and shakes frequently contain between 20 and 50 grams of protein per serving.

The clinical study investigated serum blood levels of free amino acids and BCAAs in 21 healthy males who consumed 50 grams of whey protein with and without Aminogen®.
The rate of absorption increased 220% to 350% over controls, depending on how much Aminogen was added.

“Our results confirm that what Aminogen does is allow your body to absorb more amino acids and retain more nitrogen from whey protein concentrate,” Dr. Anderson continued. “It does this by accelerating absorption before the protein moves farther along the digestive tract, where nutrient absorption does not occur.”

Aminogen® is the patented enzyme system designed to improve protein digestion and increase amino acid levels absorbed from dietary protein. Aminogen® is plant-based and allergen free. No side effects are known or have been reported.

Aminogen®’s ability to break down protein can also lead to the reduction or elimination of gastrointestinal symptoms that can result from incomplete protein digestion, a problem that causes some consumers to shy away from high-protein products. Emerging research on the importance of lean muscle mass maintenance during weight loss and in such conditions as sarcopenia has also intensified interest in the patented enzyme system.

Publication of study results comes just months after Aminogen®‘s GRAS status for use in protein foods and beverages was confirmed, widening the range of applications from supplements and protein powders to use in protein snacks and drinks. Currently, Aminogen® is found in select protein powders and tablets for athletes and dieters who want to build or maintain lean muscle mass.

The published study, “An open label study to determine the effects of an oral proteolytic enzyme system on whey protein concentrate metabolism in healthy males,” can be found on The International Journal of Nutrition’s Web Site at:

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