Pure Encapsulations debuts PureLean Green Coffee

Pure Encapsulations debuts PureLean Green Coffee

New ingredient promotes healthy weight management.

Pure Encapsulations, a leading manufacturer of research-based, hypoallergenic nutritional supplements, is proud to introduce the newest addition to the PureLean® line of nutritional supplements, PureLean® Green Coffee. With green tea and clinically researched green coffee bean extract containing the polyphenol chlorogenic acid, PureLean Green Coffee promotes healthy fat metabolism and metabolic rate to support healthy weight management.

“Studies have shown that the polyphenol chlorogenic acid extracted from the green coffee bean moderates the entry of glucose into the bloodstream, helping to maintain healthy glycemic responses,” said Kelly C. Heim, Ph.D., nutritional pharmacologist at Pure Encapsulations. “Formulated to support strong postprandial metabolic responses when taken before meals with regular diet and exercise, we developed PureLean Green Coffee as a valuable addition to our PureLean line of nutritional supplements.”*

PureLean® Green Coffee is provided in convenient, portable cranberry-tea flavored stick packs, and combines 400 mg of the clinically researched Svetol® green coffee bean extract with a standardized, decaffeinated green tea extract. Polyphenols in green tea have been shown to promote fat utilization, and when combined with the effects of green coffee bean extract, including the moderation of glucose release from the liver, may help to maintain metabolic homeostasis and support healthy weight management.

“PureLean Green Coffee has been a great addition to my clinical protocol,” says Robert J. Tafuri, M.D., chief medical officer of Bariatric Associates of New England, LLC, a preventive medicine and weight management practice, and member of the Pure Encapsulations Medical Advisory Board. “The results have been steadily improving in our patients and compliance is excellent due to the convenience of the packets and the palatability of the powder, which blends easily in liquids.”

In a 60-day randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial involving 50 individuals, 400 mg of Svetol green coffee bean extract supported lean mass ratio and healthy weight management.


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