Pure Encapsulations expands PureHeart initiative

Pure Encapsulations expands PureHeart initiative

Initiative aligns Pure Encapsulations’ research-based heart health supplements with strategic partners to provide health care professionals with a full-service, personalized health care platform.

Pure Encapsulations®, a leading manufacturer of research-based, hypoallergenic nutritional supplements, announces the expansion of its PureHeart™ initiative with a new strategic partner and innovative daily packet. The PureHeart initiative aligns Pure Encapsulations’ research-based, cardiometabolic supplements with strategic partners to provide health care professionals with a full-service, personalized health care platform—Screening + Supplements = Success™.

“We announced our newest PureHeart partner—Boston Heart Diagnostics Corp.—at The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) Cardiometabolic conference in Boston,” stated Joy Devins, vice president of Pure Encapsulations. “We were proud to have as our guest speaker Michael Dansinger, MD, professor at Tufts University and Medical Director for Boston Heart Diagnostics, who discussed their proprietary biomarker solutions, including HDL Map™ and Cholesterol Balance Test™, along with the Boston Heart Lifestyle Program.” Along with the new partnership, the latest addition to the PureHeart line of nutritional supplements is PureHeart Pure Pack, a daily packet featuring a comprehensive blend of vitamins, minerals, CoQ10, antioxidants and essential fatty acids designed to support arterial and overall cardiovascular health.

“PureHeart Pure Pack also includes a unique polyphenol combination, PhytoCardio,” stated Kelly Heim, Ph.D., nutritional pharmacologist at Pure Encapsulations. “This proprietary blend of blueberry and cranberry fruit extracts was developed as part of a comprehensive research program with the Institute of Nutrition and Functional Foods (INAF) based at Université Laval, Quebec, Canada.”

In addition to Pure Encapsulations’ newest partner, Boston Heart Diagnostics Corp. and founding partner Cleveland HeartLab, PureHeart has expanded to include Bariatric and Oral Systemic specialists, as well as SilverStaff Clinical Laboratories. “Pure is excited to help lead the personalized medicine movement through innovation, research, education, and through the partnerships we have developed with these leading biomarker and genetic testing experts,” Devins concluded. For more information about PureHeart Pure Pack, Boston Heart Diagnostics, or additional details regarding PureHeart, please visit PureHeartProtocol.com.


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