ReNew Life debuts highest potency probiotic capsule

ReNew Life debuts highest potency probiotic capsule

Ultimate Flora Mega Potent 150 Billion has 150 billion live probiotic cultures from a proprietary blend of 40 raw, GPS Probiotics.

ReNew Life Formulas, a leader in natural digestive care, introduces Ultimate Flora Mega Potent 150 Billion to its award-winning line of Ultimate Flora probiotics. The superior strength probiotic is formulated with 150 billion live probiotic cultures from a proprietary blend of 40 raw, GPS Probiotics™ (Gastrointestinal Probiotic Strains)—the highest potency probiotic available in one capsule.

“Today, with the coverage of probiotics and their benefits becoming so prevalent in mainstream media, consumers are realizing the need for a high-potency probiotic to help replenish and maintain the trillions of bacteria in the gut to promote digestive health,” said Brenda Watson, Public Television and national health educator, and president and founder of ReNew Life. “Ultimate Flora Mega Potent is a balanced, multistrain probiotic formula that reflects the natural diversity of a healthy intestinal tract. We developed Ultimate Flora Mega Potent because consumers like the convenience of a one-capsule serving and understand the benefits of taking a high-potency probiotic.”

Ultimate Flora Mega Potent 150 Billion includes clinically studied strains that naturally occur in the human body to replenish both upper and lower intestines for ultimate probiotic support to:

  • Provide potent digestive relief
  • Restore digestive balance
  • Promote regularity
  • Support immune health

Probiotic strain selection is vital to the effectiveness of a probiotic supplement. Ultimate Flora includes carefully selected strains that are scientifically studied and known for their specific digestive, immune, urogenital and colon health benefits.

Recent research has shown that high-potency probiotics make a significant impact to human health. More and more studies are being conducted administering higher potencies of probiotic bacteria. The gut is home to about 100 trillion bacteria cells—10 times the amount of cells that make up the entire human body. For this reason, high-dose probiotic therapy with a probiotic like Ultimate Flora Mega Potent 150 Billion may have a greater impact on the beneficial modulation of gut flora.

Why choose Ultimate Flora?

  • Highest potency in one capsule
  • Targeted release capsule technology to protect probiotics from harsh stomach acid
  • Potency guaranteed until expiration, not just at time of manufacture
  • Ultimate Flora probiotics contain billions of raw, live probiotic cultures and contain no GMOs, wheat, gluten, eggs, shellfish, tree nuts or artificial ingredients

ReNew Life’s Ultimate Flora probiotic brand has received the 2014 Survey Award as the Top-Rated Probiotic Product based on Consumer Satisfaction. For more information see


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