ReNew Life launches probiotic for women

ReNew Life launches probiotic for women

Ultimate Flora Women’s Complete 90 Billion has been formulated exclusively for women to support digestive, immune, vaginal and urinary health.

ReNew Life Formulas, named America’s number-one digestive care and cleansing company by SPINS, introduces Ultimate Flora™ Women’s Complete 90 Billion to its award-winning line of Ultimate Flora probiotics. This highly potent probiotic—with 90 billion cultures in a single capsule and a proprietary blend of 12 unique GPS Probiotics—has been formulated exclusively for women to support digestive and immune health as well as vaginal and urinary health.

“Vibrant health, including vaginal and urinary health, can depend on properly balanced gut flora,” says Brenda Watson, Public Television and national health educator, and president and founder of ReNew Life. “Ultimate Flora Women’s Complete 90 Billion is a high-potency probiotic uniquely formulated for women to support a woman’s diverse needs.”

Watson went on to explain that it is recommended for women looking to help replenish a balance of “good” bacteria in the intestine to promote and maintain regularity and support a healthy immune system, while also supporting vaginal and urinary health.

“We began formulating Ultimate Flora Women’s Complete 90 Billion with a specific blend of 12 proprietary Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria GPS Probiotic™ strains (gastrointestinal probiotic strains) probiotics that are beneficial for women’s health,” says Watson. “It is targeted toward women seeking natural solutions for occasional digestive conditions, such as constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating, irritable bowel, or for those who are concerned about dysbiosis from the use of antibiotics, as well as women looking to support their vaginal and urinary tract health, as well as their immune function. And most importantly, this high-dose, 12-strain blend is higher in Lacto GPS probiotic strains which are particularly beneficial for women.”

  • Uniquely formulated for women
  • Supports digestive, immune, vaginal and urinary tract health
  • 90 billion live cultures per capsule
  • 12 specially selected GPS Probiotic™ Strains
  • 7 Lacto strains, 54 billion Lacto cultures (60 percent)
  • One-capsule-a-day convenience
  • Targeted-release vegetable capsules
  • Potency guaranteed until expiration
  • Dairy and gluten free
  • Fresh-Assure glass bottle for ultimate freshness



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