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Retailer Roundtable: How do you make your store kid friendly?

Retailer Roundtable: How do you make your store kid friendly?

Four retailers from around the country discuss  programs in their stores that keep kids and moms happy.

Jenny Guilford, produce manager at People’s Grocery Cooperative in Manhattan, Kan.

We have a few mini shopping carts kids can push around the store. We also offer toys for kids to play with to keep them busy while their parents shop, and we hand out organic lollipops to anyone who wants one.

Marie Wilson, store manager at Great Health Nutrition in St. Paul, Minn.

We offer several organic and natural foods, snacks and candy that kids like to grab. We also keep our kids’ supplements at eye level, where kids are attracted to the colorful designs on the labels. Our store is set up in a circular design so kids can run around, which is conducive to keeping curious hands amused instead of having them grab things off the shelves. We also have a coloring station set up at the back of the store so extra-rambunctious kids can keep occupied while their parents shop.

Bernadette Fernandez, front-end manager of Semilla Natural Foods in Las Vegas, N.M.

We carry some healthy kids’ snacks such as dried fruit, honey sticks and organic lollipops—things that are small and inexpensive—and we display them at eye level, as we also do with our kids’ supplements. We have a walking ramp for safety, and we play wholesome music in the store. Kids are naturally more inclined toward healthier snacks, so if a child picks a fresh apple or strawberries, I offer to buy the fruit for them.


Sophie Belanger, store manager of Solstice Whole Foods and Herbs in Norwich, N.Y.

We are very kid friendly. We have a playroom in the front of the store where kids can play with toys while their parents shop. It’s been popular because customers see it as soon as they walk in. They can drop off their kids and keep an eye on them from anywhere in the store.



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