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Robinson implements vegetarian softgel encapsulation

Robinson implements vegetarian softgel encapsulation
Next step is commercialization of this advanced production process, which features a patented starch and carrageenan vegetarian gel matrix, in the coming months.

Robinson Pharma Inc. is pleased to announce the completion of the implementation phase of vegetarian softgel encapsulation capabilities to its already robust array of dosage forms. Accomplishment of this encapsulation-production benchmark, which features a patented starch and carrageenan vegetarian gel matrix, is a key event in Robinson Pharma’s ongoing commitment to supporting client demands. The next step is commercialization of this advanced production process, which will be achieved in the coming months.

“Vegetarian softgels have correctly been perceived as having a delicate and complicated production process until now,” stated Rebecca Montes, vice president of R&D. “Robinson Pharma has implemented some unique, proprietary engineering and equipment solutions to overcome the many traditional challenges in this process, facilitating greater productivity, efficiency, speed, reliability, yield, and robustness. Just as Robinson Pharma revolutionized traditional (animal-derived) softgel production with the first-ever implementation of continuous drying softgel processing, our team has rethought and re-equipped the vegetarian softgel process, allowing us to offer our clients a better vegetarian softgel at a more competitive price.”

Vegetarian softgels offer a number of distinct advantages to both marketers and end users of dietary supplement softgels. Robinson Pharma intends to initiate commercialization with basic oil fillings in clear gelatin before introducing features such as colored shells as manufacturing progresses.

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