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Rousselot unveils Bee Healthy gummies

Rousselot unveils Bee Healthy gummies
Bee Healthy combines the nutritional benefits of Peptan collagen peptides and Olygose pea fibers.

Rousselot®, the global leader in gelatine and collagen peptides, has unveiled Bee Healthy™, a gummy-style application that combines the nutritional benefits of Peptan® collagen peptides and Olygose pea fibers. Launched at the recent Vitafoods Europe exhibition, Bee Healthy is a natural, tasty and healthy gummy with massive potential in the health and beauty markets.

With a strong focus on partnership working, Rousselot is committed to collaborating with customers in developing new innovations to meet growing consumer demand for functional foods, beverages and nutraceuticals. Bee Healthy, the latest delivery concept from the company, is a new gummy-style application which features ingredients such as honey (44 percent), soluble pea fiber, Peptan collagen peptides (13 percent), porcine gelatine (7 percent) and vitamin C. It is naturally sweet, high in protein and fiber, and has much less sugar and a significantly lower glycemic index (GI) in comparison to conventional gummies.

Bee Healthy has been designed to demonstrate ways in which manufacturers can deliver the proven health benefits of collagen peptides and other bioactive ingredients in convenient and appealing consumer-facing concepts. The key ingredient in the trademarked prototype is Peptan collagen peptides, a unique protein source which offers multiple proven health benefits and functional properties. Numerous scientific studies, including in vitro, in vivo and clinical research, have demonstrated the ability of Peptan to promote healthy living. The scientifically proven benefits of the range include:

  • Skin beauty – boosting skin collagen to promote younger looking skin
  • Healthy aging – preventing the impact of osteoarthritis, osteopenia and sarcopenia
  • Sports and active nutrition – supporting muscle regeneration and helping boost performance and joint health
  • Weight management – providing a satiating effect

Claude Capdepon, EMEA applications laboratory manager at Rousselot, comments:  “With cutting-edge application laboratories and expert technical teams located across the globe, we provide customers with all the support they need in developing innovative new products featuring gelatine and collagen peptides. We have already worked with several of our customers to co-develop new products which have been successfully launched in their markets.

“Bee Healthy is the result of a successful co-development between Rousselot and Olygose, and we hope our customers will be inspired by the combination of collagen peptides, pea fibers and vitamin C in a delicious and multifunctional application. This concept is also the perfect showcase of how Peptan can be easily incorporated in an appealing delivery format for nutraceuticals and over-the-counter products.”



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