S. Black Launch Gluconate Range from NutraGal

NutraGal, a subsidiary of the Israeli-based manufacturer Galam, provide innovative and reliable solutions for mineral deficiencies. S. Black is pleased to support Galam in their offering of mineral gluconates, which are used as additives in the recognition of claims for mineral fortification. Principally minerals are used to correct nutritional deficiencies, recent research suggests that minerals also help to compensate for increased mineral needs caused by health problems.

The wide range of mineral gluconates are water soluble and thus easy to use in aqueous products, the unique benefits increase the bioavailability for food products and food supplement fortification. The gluconates are ideal also for both healthcare and personal care applications, in particular for more mature skin.

The gluconate collection consists of seven key products each with individual attributes which overall contribute to improved health and well-being.

Gluconate Collection

(All the Gluconates meet the EP & USP Pharmaceutical monographs).



NutraNate Ca

Calcium gluconate

NutraNate Mg

Magnesium gluconate

NutraNate Mn

Manganese gluconate

NutraNate K

Potassium gluconate

NutraNate Zn

Zinc gluconate

NutraNate Cu

Copper gluconate

NutraNate Fe

Ferrous gluconate

NutraNate Mg

Magnesium, essential for healthy bone maintenance, nerve function and muscle contraction. NutraNate Mg has a neutral flavour, good solubility and high bioavailability.

NutraNate Ca

Calcium is fundamental in sustaining strong bones and teeth, muscle contraction and overall heart health. NutraNate Ca has a neutral flavour, good solubility and is clear in water.

NutraNate Mn

Manganese is an antioxidant active in protein and energy production and a component of some enzymes in the body. Nutranate Mn has a good solubility and a neutral flavour

NutraNate K

Potassium helps to regulate water balance and is involved in neuromuscular activity. NutraNate K exhibits a neutral taste.

NutraNate Zn

Zinc, a recognised mineral associated with maintaining a healthy immune system. NutraNate Zn has a neutral taste and good solubility.

NutraNate Cu

Copper helps to prevent anaemia and is required for the correct functioning of the immune system. Nutranate Cu has good solubility and a neutral taste.

NutraNate Fe

Iron, widely renowned for its infection-fighting properties. NutraNate Fe has good solubility and bioavailability.

For further information or to request a sample, please contact S. Black today, telephone: 01992 825555 or email [email protected]

Please contact S. Black for further information:

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