Soft Gel Tech to manufacture Sytrinol softgels

Soft Gel Tech to manufacture Sytrinol softgels

Leading contract manufacturer of softgel supplements agrees to be the exclusive manufacturer of Next Pharmaceuticals' heart health supplement.

Soft Gel Technologies Inc.®, a leading contract manufacturer of softgel dietary supplements, signed an agreement with Next Pharmaceuticals, a developer of award-winning branded ingredients, to be the exclusive manufacturer of Sytrinol softgels. Sytrinol is a patented blend of polymethoxylated flavones and tocotrienols that promotes cardiovascular health and supports healthy cholesterol levels.

In May 2013, Next Pharmaceuticals purchased the worldwide distribution rights along with all patents, trademarks and scientific knowledge of Sytrinol from KGK Synergize. In a clinical trial measuring the serum bioavailability of Sytrinol, softgels manufactured by Soft Gel Technologies, Inc. exhibited enhanced bioavailability of the key active ingredients—specifically, the two polymethoxylated flavones tangeretin and nobiletin—compared to powder-filled, two-piece hard shell capsules.

“We are pleased to partner with Next Pharmaceuticals in promoting Sytrinol softgels,” noted Steve Holtby, president and CEO of Soft Gel Technologies Inc. “Manufacturing a heart health product that is sourced from natural plant compounds, patented and backed by science aligns with our company’s mission of providing high-quality, clinically studied branded ingredients. Next Pharmaceuticals is a respected raw material supplier that also invests in its brands and the science supporting its products.”

“SGTI is an ideal partner for Next Pharmaceuticals,” says Regan Miles, president of Next Pharmaceuticals. “Pairing their top quality delivery system with one of our premier ingredient will offer customers the best products for heart health.”

SGTI and Next Pharmaceuticals will not only work together to deliver Sytrinol softgels, but also to double marketing efforts to increase consumer awareness of the Sytrinol product and its potential health benefits.



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