Solbar launches soy isolate for beverages

Solbar launches soy isolate for beverages

Solbar Industries Ltd., Israel, announces a new ready-to-use stabilized Calcium fortified soy protein isolate for pH neutral beverages. Solpro 958QS was developed in cooperation with PURAC in The Netherlands, and will be officially launched at the FIE-Frankfurt, 17-19 November.

Solpro 958QS combines synergistic properties of non-GMO soy protein isolates, Calcium source and natural stabilizers for a single-pack solution. According to David Kraus, Solbar Global Applications Manager, "This unique formulation solves all of the typical issues faced by ready to drink manufacturers, eliminating precipitation, chalkiness or gritty mouthfeel, protein coagulation, and non-homogenous Calcium distribution. We are very excited about Solpro 958QS and the value it brings to neutral RTD beverages. The product contains levels of Calcium similar to that of milk, a major breakthrough for lactose sensitive consumers of all ages."

Solbar reports that Solpro 958QS has been tested in a number UHT preparations, receiving the approval of expert flavor panels. Visitors at the FIE-Frankfurt will be invited to taste neutral pH beverages, including one also fortified with Vitamin D and with higher Calcium levels compared to cow’s milk to improve bone strength, and a viscosity giving excellent mouthfeel.

Gary Brenner, VP Marketing & Development, claims that the Solbar-Purac innovation "Is the answer to the demands of R&D, Purchasing, Marketing and Nutritionists of major beverage brands. The original idea was to create a one-ingredient solution that achieves perfect stabilization, a high nutritional profile and still very tasty. We believe we have achieved all of our goals, and are ready to go-to-market."

Solbar is dedicated to creating value for soy customers by the quickness in which it brings unique quality solutions. In recent years Solbar's has focused on developing a growing range of soy proteins designed for healthy foods and beverages in response to growing consumer demands. Solbar is committed to a strict non-GMO IP program per EU regulations.

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