Solbar's China GM nominated "Most Outstanding Manager"

Solbar's China GM nominated "Most Outstanding Manager"

Solbar Industries Ltd., Israel, is proud to announce that Mr. Yossef Gohary, Solbar Ningbo General Manager has been chosen one of the top 100 outstanding managers in China. Solbar has two factory sites in Israel and one in the Ningbo Free Trade Zone. The Award is given once every five years by the Chinese Authorities/The Ministry of Economic Development together with three national TV stations and the main economic newspapers to 100 outstanding managers.

Shaul Shelach, CEO and President of Solbar, reports that, "We are honored by this important award and the fact that Yossi Gohary is the only non-Chinese manager among this illustrious group. Solbar's successful company in China is part of our strategy to become a global leader in creating value for our soy customers with unique quality solutions."

According to Gohary, “50% of our soy protein sales markets in China while the annual rate growth is about 40% each year. The plant success is the result of developing good management team and finding the way to close the gap between Western and Chinese cultures.”

The selecting committee included representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development and Chinese economic news bureaus. Criteria were based upon company performance, including turnover growth, profits, investment return and the company's contribution to the development of local economy and community. Yossi Gohary was recommended as a candidate by several bodies included Xinhua News, Ningbo Daily News, and government agencies CIQ and NFTZ.

The honors ceremony will take place on August 28-29th in the Great Hall of People in Beijing Tiananmen Square, to be attended by high level Chinese government officials. This will be the 4th ever awards ceremony, this time in honor of 60 years Chinese independence and 30 years since China opened its doors to the Western world in 1978. The event will be covered by CCTV 1, CCTV 9, the China Economic Times, Asia Economy News, China Business Times and Finance Sina.

On July 17th the Israeli Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai extended its "Hearty congratulations to our Hon. member Mr. Yossi Gohary on the occasion of the exceptional honor bestowed upon him of receiving the Outstanding General Manager in China Award. Mr. Yossi Gohary is notably the only foreign national out of 100 exceptional managers to receive this prestigious award."

The Solbar Ningbo Food Co. Ltd. is wholly owned by Solbar Industries Ltd., a public company traded in the Tel Aviv Exchange, with majority ownership by a private equity group in lead by FIMI Opportunity Funds. Solbar is a leading manufacturer of specialty soy proteins and phytochemicals, manufactured in Israel and China, sold worldwide to nutritional health, meat, poultry, fish and feed industries.

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