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Solgar launches Probi 20 Billion, 30 Billion

Solgar launches Probi 20 Billion, 30 Billion
Both vegetarian capsules are formulated with Lactobacillus plantarum LP299v.

Today’s probiotic advances focus less on the quantity and number of different strains and more on identified strains that deliver clinically supported results, true potency even at expiration, and strains robust enough to survive even harsh stomach acid.

Solgar® Probi® 20 Billion and Probi® 30 Billion Vegetable Capsules deliver everything you want from today’s probiotics … and much more.

  • Formulated with live, active, naturally occurring cultures to remain potent and effective. At birth, we come into the world bacteria free. In the first few days of life we are exposed to all kinds of bacteria, some of which form symbiotic relationships with our bodies over time. Our bodies are then naturally populated with the beneficial and indigenous bacteria that are necessary for long-term health and wellness. Repopulating over time with these indigenous strains nurtures and perpetuates the ecological foundation that nature gave us. Probi 20 Billion and Probi 30 Billion generate that repopulation with one of these original indigenous strains.
  • Studied, substantiated, and documented by gastroenterologists. Probi 20 Billion and Probi 30 Billion are both formulated with Lactobacillus plantarum LP299v™—a probiotic backed by over 10 years of scientific review.
  • Formulated to survive stomach acid. By nature, most probiotics work best in the intestinal tract and not in the harsh, acidic environment of the stomach. Probi 20 Billion and Probi 30 Billion are formulated to survive stomach acid so they’re delivered directly into the intestinal tract to help populate your system with a positive balance of beneficial microflora.

Probi 20 Billion supports digestive health and more
On a daily basis, Probi 20 Billion not only naturally supports and maintains ongoing digestive health, but also helps with occasional gas and bloating, while supporting abdominal comfort.

Probi 30 Billion offers integrated bowel support
Cyclical digestive issues can alter your living routine to the point of having to carefully plan what you do and where you go. Probiotic formulas delivering the right strain, in the right place, in the right dosage can help populate your system with the beneficial microflora that can make a difference in reducing those random, unexpected—even occasional—intestinal disruptions that can impact how you live day to day.

Probi 30 Billion delivers a focused, high-dosage, single-strain, clinically studied probiotic that provides integrated bowel support to not only address the occasional gas and bloating associated with upsetting digestive issues, but to support your daily abdominal comfort.

Billions and billions of live cultures every day—guaranteed
Probi 20 Billion and Probi 30 Billion help you benefit from an increase of the good-for-you bacteria we need in our digestive systems. All that and more in one little capsule, once a day.


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