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SoyLink(R) Receives Breakthrough Patent on Soy Powder Processing

SIOUX FALLS, S.D., Sept 11, 2006 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- SoyLink(R), a limited liability company in Oskaloosa, Iowa, and subsidiary of the Broin Companies, announced today that the company has been issued a patent through the United States Patent and Trademark Office that covers proprietary technology used to produce SoyLink's line of highly functional soybean protein powders. The patent, US 7,097,871 B2 entitled "Deflavored Vegetable Powders, Methods of Making Them, and Systems for Vegetable Milling," includes methods to deflavor soybeans as well as milling them to the smallest particle size commercially available in the industry. The technology increases the scope of soybeans in the food industry when compared to conventional soy powders.

"SoyLink sees this as the technology of the future for soy processing operations," Dr. Noel Rudie, SoyLink's Vice President for Research and Operation says. "This is truly a win-win situation. Because we produce a whole bean product, the consumer gets soy milk with all of the benefits of soy including natural soy fiber. At the same time, the food processor benefits by eliminating the okara waste stream commonly found in the conventional process, allowing for higher yields."

The patented technology includes methods for removing the undesirable flavor from soybeans, making them more acceptable to consumers. Soy flours have seen limited acceptance in the manufacture of soy milk and other dairy analogues in some markets because of the beany flavor and chalky texture they develop. SoyLink technology addresses both of these objections, first by removing the objectionable beany flavor before the powders are milled to a small particle size (less than 30 microns) that allows the soy beverage manufacturer to produce products without the chalky texture.

The small particle size benefits manufacturers of soy beverages because it allows them to use the whole bean powder. In addition to soy beverages, the SoyLink powders can be used in tofu, pasta, baked products, soynut butter, nutrition bars, and a large variety of other applications requiring either a deflavoring technology or small particle size. Both organic and Non-GMO powders in various mesh sizes are available.

"The team at SoyLink is very excited about the industry's response to this technology," Dr. Rudie says. "With its patented deflavoring technology and great functionality, imagination is the only limit on what applications can be developed using these soy powders."

Started in 2002, SoyLink produces a proprietary line of soy powders with improved functionality for the food industry. SoyLink home offices include a manufacturing site, as well as the location of the business offices, research laboratories, and product development facilities.

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