Sun Chlorella USA Positioned for Strong 2010

TORRANCE, Calif., Jan. 28, 2010 — With the start of a new year, there is often a renewed focus on personal health and nutrition. According to experts, two key areas for health-conscious consumers this year are prebiotics and immune health. This is welcome news to leading chlorella manufacturer, Sun Chlorella, whose line of products addresses both categories.

SPINS, the leading provider of information on the natural products industry, released its 2010 Trend Predictions. This report, along with an article in the Nov. 10, 2009 issue of Nutrition Business Journal, lists immunity support and prebiotics as top-of-mind for consumers in 2010. Chlorella's antioxidant content helps to protect the immune system and fight free radicals, while its plant-based fiber offers significant prebiotic support for the digestive system. SPINS asserts that the trend can go "very far, crossing categories," concluding that "prebiotic fiber is highly versatile and backed by good science."

"Though Sun Chlorella's history dates back more than 40 years, it's telling that its nutrient-rich content is becoming even more important to consumers today," says Rose J. Straub, Sun Chlorella USA vice president and chief operating officer. "A resurge in traditional and global health is also forecasted by SPINS, which bodes well for chlorella and its status as an essential component to Japanese diets for generations."

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More About Chlorella and Sun Chlorella "A" Tablets:
Chlorella are fresh-water green algae that contain the highest chlorophyll content of any known plant, as well as exceptionally high concentrations of essential vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, nucleic acids, amino acids and enzymes. Sun Chlorella "A" Tablets are produced using the company's patented pulverization process, which results in superior nutrient absorption. The product is available nationwide at Whole Foods Markets, The Vitamin Shoppe and through online order.

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