Support Joint Health with Jelly Beans

TandemRain Innovations™ has announced its latest innovation in joint health: Deep Knee Beans®. This groundbreaking confectionary formulation combines indulgence of a traditional candy, with ActivMSM™, the only GRAS-designated MSM. Now everyone from dedicated athletes, to those who lead an active lifestyle, can do something good for their joints while enjoying bite–sized tangy treats.

"We developed Deep Knee Beans so individuals with a need for joint and cartilage support, can consume ActivMSM in a unique and enjoyable way," stated Tony Keller, President, TandemRain Innovations. "TandemRain is focused on formulation innovation. We are committed to bringing new products to market that meet the demands of the consumers’ lifestyle, while ensuring they receive the same crucial benefits of functional ingredients such as ActivMSM.”

Deep Knee Beans is the newest brand under TandemRain’s Sports Rejuvenation™ line, and is available in a variety of flavors including Tangerine, Lemon Lime, Fruit Fusion and Blueberry Blast. One bag of Deep Knee Beans contains 500 MG of ActivMSM.

ActivMSM is the only MSM manufactured in the USA, within a GMP certified facility. ActivMSM has been subjected to a comprehensive battery of toxicology studies, yielding FDA GRAS non-objection status in 2008. MSM has been the focus of pre-clinical studies conducted in a leading US university laboratory. ActivMSM has been shown to promote the expression of genetic factors that support healthy metabolism related to inflammation and cartilage degradation, and a favorable response to factors that promote joint and cartilage integrity.

TandemRain Innovations will unveil Deep Knee Beans at Expo West on March 6, 2009. Visit Booth #216 in Hall A.


TandemRain is at the forefront of the exciting new market of functional products that provide a benefit to society. In addition to selecting new functional ingredients and creating finished products that the market hasn’t seen before, we can also add value to existing products, making them healthier, more nutritious or even better for the environment. Currently, TandemRain is the marketer of numerous beneficial products and ingredients, and is the exclusive marketer of ActivMSM™, the only GRAS-designated MSM ingredient available, as well as the Sports Rejuvenation™ line of functional products.

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