Surprises for condition-specific supplement category 2013

  More health for more people is an endearing motto for those of us committed to the health, wellness and nutrition industry. It would be nice if we could do well by doing well too, right?


Some interesting statistics from our sister publication, Nutrition Business Journal, might point the way to getting your business development efforts in keener focus. 

Among them is the gastrointestinal health sector. In the pharmaceutical world, growth in the past year is down 16 percent. OTC products are up 5 percent, while supplements addressing digestion and gut health are up 9 percent. 

Even on regular network television, commercials are all over the place for probiotic-based products touting an ability to help people stay “regular.” 

This is what has made every supplement company and more than a few beverage and food companies get on the probiotic bandwagon. 

The other tower of the functional ingredients world is omega-3 fatty acids, specifically DHA and EPA. These are more Swiss Army Knife ingredients, fulfilling consumer needs in the realms of cardiovascular health, brain health, even joints and weight management and vision. 

Beyond these, however, there are plenty of consumer health concerns that can be supported by nutritional ingredients in appropriate dosages. 

Take insomnia. It’s a similar story as GI health, with negative growth in the Rx sector, flat in the OTC world, but a boisterous 8 percent growth in supplement-style ingredients. Can you say magnesium? How about valerian? What ingredients can differentiate your product in the marketplace, and which suppliers can provide you with the security of reliable, steady, quality-conscious supply of ingredients? 

In the September 2012 issue of Functional Ingredients magazine, we aim to help you get there. In the pages to come you can read insightful comments from the leading suppliers in the industry today as we discuss the nuances of nutrition science, supply-chain issues and opportunities for revenue growth. 

We have three-year running sales information, compliments from our friends at SPINS, which can help you decide if the time is ripe to launch that product your R&D or marketing teams have been talking about. 

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