Takara Bio Launches "Glucosamine + Agaro-Oligosaccharide" Supplement, Containing Vegetable-Gelatin-Derived Ingredients

On 18 November, Takara Bio Inc. will launch “Glucosamine + Agaro-Oligosaccharide” supplement, containing vegetable-gelatin-derived agaro-oligosaccharide.
Agaro-oligosaccharide is a vegetable-gelatin-derived oligosaccharide developed and manufactured via Takara Bio’s proprietary methods, which is endowed with unique functionality not observed in other oligosaccharides. Each daily dosage (12 tablets) contains 1,500 mg of glucosamine, which is a structural component of cartilage, as well as 200 mg of agaro-oligosaccharide, 100 mg of Type-II collagen, 1 mg of vitamin B6, 200 μg of folic acid, and 2 μg of vitamin B12. The product is priced at JPY 5,040/360 tablets (30 days’ supply).

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