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TGA Approves Bergstrom Nutrition's OptiMSM® For Distribution And Use in Australia

Bergstrom Nutrition®, the world’s leading manufacturer of MSM (dimethyl sulfone), announced today that after three years of working closely with its Australian distributor Pathway International, it has been granted regulatory approval from Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). This approval allows Bergstrom’s top-rated product OptiMSM® to be included in therapeutic and medicinal products in Australia. OptiMSM is currently sold internationally by Bergstrom Nutrition’s sister company, TandemRain Innovations.

The approval comes at a time of increasing consumer awareness and concern over long-term joint health. There is now substantial clinical evidence that MSM can reduce joint pain and inflammation, and protect articular cartilage, and it has gained wider acceptance for individuals of all ages who want to remain active. Since joint pain continues to be one of the most reported health complaints across multiple demographics, the demand for MSM is expected to grow.

“The demand for MSM is continuing to grow on an international basis,” said Roma Bergstrom, CEO, Bergstrom Nutrition. “We are excited about the opportunity to provide OptiMSM to consumers in Australia, as Bergstrom Nutrition is known as the premiere manufacturer of MSM.”


Pathway is the exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand for OptiMSM®, and is recognized as the leading supplier of innovative and high quality ingredients that add value to the complementary medicine, cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical and veterinary industries. For information on purchasing OptiMSM in Australia, call +61 2 9984 2700 or visit


The only dedicated NPA cGMP-certified MSM production facility in the world, exceeding industry standards for optimal purity and product consistency. The Vancouver, Washington based company pioneered the use of MSM for human consumption in 1989. Their proprietary OptiMSM is the only MSM backed by U.S. published clinical research and can be found in leading joint health products in all major channels. Bergstrom Nutrition also represents high quality ingredients such as SunActive® and MenaquinGold™. For information on Bergstrom Nutrition, call 1.888.733.5676 or visit

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