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U!be Complete with Wellmune launches

U!be Complete with Wellmune launches
Taiwan's U!be Group has chosen Wellmune as the key component for its latest immune-boosting supplement.

U!be Group Inc., a leading health and wellness product innovator in Taiwan, has chosen Wellmune®, the natural immune health ingredient from Biothera, as the key component for its latest product U!be Complete®. A special daily nutritional supplement, U!be Complete is designed for integrated medical professionals who are helping patients strengthen their immune systems and cultivate healthy habits.

Wellmune is a proprietary baker’s yeast beta glucan, with numerous published, peer-reviewed clinical studies that support the ingredient’s ability to help safely and naturally strengthen the immune system. The ingredient’s unmatched research demonstrates powerful and consistent results amongst a broad range of consumers, including enhanced immune function and an improvement in overall physical health. Wellmune can be added to a variety of products, providing consumers the immune health benefits they need.

“A healthy immune system is essential to overall health and well-being,” said Richard G. Mueller, Biothera chief executive officer. “We believe that proactive steps for maintaining a healthy immune system is important for everyone and Wellmune provides an easy and safe way for consumers to support their immune function so they can be well and stay well.”

“Our goal is to provide effective immune boosting, detoxyfication and anti-oxidation protection to medical professionals so they can help their patients lead healthier lives,” said John Perng, PhD, U!be Group Inc.’s vice president of R&D and business development. “We incorporated Wellmune into U!be Complete to help us develop a science-based nutritional supplement designed to integrate with physician lifestyle and diet recommendations to support the immune system.”

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