Ulti-Sorb veg capsules rival enteric

Ulti-Sorb veg capsules rival enteric

GCI Nutrients' all-natural, vegetarian capsules offer several advantages over enteric-coated tablets.

Ulti-Sorb™ vegetarian capsules have become a true competitor to enteric-coated tablets in the dietary supplements industry. The Ulti-Sorb Technology is often referred to as delayed release. With either Ulti-Sorb capsules or enteric-coated tablets, the purpose is to make sure that the active ingredient does not release in the stomach with its strong acids. The goal is to get the actives from the ingredients into the intestines where the neutral pH of 6.8 will do the breakdown. The two primary reasons for desiring release only in the intestines are better delivery of the actives and elimination of the acid-reflux and/or bad aftertaste problems.

The Ulti-Sorb capsules have five key advantages over enteric-coated tablets as a means of delivering a given ingredient.

  • All natural and vegetarian - from hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) with no chemicals that are used in the enteric-coating tablet process.
  • No heat process - Enteric-coating tablets involves heat which can damage heat-sensitive actives.
  • Technically superior - Enteric-coated tablets are spray coated which can result in no uneven application.
  • Better shelf-life - Ulti-Sorb capsules provide a more effective barrier against moisture extending shelf life of moisture-sensitive ingredients.
  • Less expensive - Ulti-Sorb capsules are less expensive than enteric-coated tablets.

One of our missions at GCI Nutrients is to advise our customers on how to better service the consumer. GCI is always focused on finding and researching new delivery technologies.



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