Valerian Complex Shown to Promote Healthy Sleep In Only One Daily Dose

A new study by the Bioforce AG research team headquartered in Switzerland demonstrates the gentle efficacy of the company’s Valerian Complex, in just one simple dose – and without any uncomfortable side effects associated with OTC or prescription sleeping pills.

Bioforce USA’s Valerian Complex contains 50% fresh Valeriana off. radix tincture 1:10 and 50%fresh Humulus lupulus tincture 1:12. The amount of essential oils is much higher in A. Vogel Valerian Complex made from fresh plants in comparison to usual preparations made from dried plants.

The placebo-controlled, randomized, double-blind clinical trial sought to determine if one daily dose of the complex influenced sleep. The study of 44 patients with a history of poor sleep conducted at NeuroCode AG in Wetzlar, Germany, a laboratory specializing in brain research that developed a very sensitive instrument for brain research called CATEEM (computer aided topographical electroencephalo-metry) and is equipped with special sleep laboratories. Recordings were performed during two consecutive nights, the first one as reference and the second one under drug condition either placebo or verum. With this design each individual was taken as its own control.

Patients were given a 2 ml. dose of Valerian Complex (a daily dose of 30 drops, three times). Results were based on the technologically advanced SFx – Sleep Frequency Index, taking into account sleep time in minutes and depth of sleep assessed as EEG-alterations, and sleep rhythm. In addition, SFx shows on a scale from 0 to 100% how many minutes a person is in which stage of depth of sleep; below 80% is determined as “sleep,” while below 68% is noted as “deep sleep.”

The results showed that those who took Valerian Complex experienced more time in deeper sleep than with placebo, and minutes spent in deep sleep phases (SFx <68) with the supplement statistically significant improved (303 minutes compared to 265 minutes for placebo. The sleep rhythm changes usually in circles of 90 minutes in healthy persons.

By taking only one dosage of Valerian Complex researchers observed a shift not only to deeper sleep stages but also towards the period of 90 minutes. The study authors concluded that one single daily dose of Valerian Complex leads to significantly better and deeper sleep in patients with sleeping problems.

“This study is significant in that it is the first study ever to show acute efficacy of a valerian/hops preparation in people who are poor sleepers. It lets us know that our Valerian Complex is effective even when used only as needed. What is also interesting about this study is that the amount of active in the Bioforce preparation is less than the daily recommendations of some monographs. We believe it is the use of fresh plants and the Bioforce manufacturing process that supports good efficacy with less active” says Eileen Sheets, managing director of Bioforce USA. “And what great timing for retailers to promote a truly safe, gentle and restful – healthy – sleep.”

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