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Vital Surge launches whole-body nutricosmetic

Vital Surge launches whole-body nutricosmetic
Chewable tablets include clinically proven ingredients like pterostilbene and citrulline.

Nutraceutical company VITAL SURGE aims to turn the beauty industry inside out with the release of its flagship product of the same name. VITAL SURGE, a whole-body nutricosmetic, has been carefully designed to address aging on the cellular level while giving its users tremendous benefits, including healthier skin, hair and nails.

"While the cosmetics industry generates billions in revenue, product developers have taken a shortsighted view of how to achieve beauty in the modern age," explained VITAL SURGE CEO Chris Sargent. "At VITAL SURGE, our goal is to create lasting beauty through wellness. That begins with only choosing the best and safest possible ingredients as the foundation for real beauty."

Most beauty products today work superficially at best, treating the symptoms rather than the causes of physiological aging. Topical agents are only marginally effective because they seldom penetrate to the deepest layers of the skin where they could be optimally effective. VITAL SURGE is different—as a chewable tablet, the product acts from the inside out to slow the biological aging process at the cellular level.   

In developing the company's flagship product over the course of two years, the creators of VITAL SURGE identified the 10 leading factors in biological aging, formulating a powerful solution that addresses each of those factors. The all-natural ingredients in VITAL SURGE have been carefully selected after a lengthy and thorough process of scientific research and testing. Early feedback on the product confirms that users are amply satisfied with their results.

VITAL SURGE has been shown to help people not only look but also feel younger. Clinically proven ingredients like pterostilbene and citrulline work together to ward off both the external and internal mechanisms that damage cells and accelerate aging. Additionally, VITAL SURGE works equally well for people of all ages. The company subscribes to a holistic view of wellness that looks far beyond just the appearance of skin, hair and nails to consider the healthy, optimal functioning of the entire body.


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