Wakunaga introduces high-potency probiotics

Wakunaga introduces high-potency probiotics

New Probiata is a unique, 100 percent pure-strain, high-potency probiotic in a convenient one-per-day formula.

Whether it’s temporary stomach upset or a chronic digestive problem, Probiata™ Digestion Support and Probiata™ Critical Care are designed to help the more than 90 million Americans suffering from less-than-optimal gastrointestinal health. Launched this month by Wakunaga of America, Probiata is a unique, 100 percent pure-strain, high-potency probiotic in a convenient one-per-day formula. Available in two potencies—one containing 15 billion live colony forming units (CFUs) for everyday support and another boasting 50 billion CFUs for times of gastrointestinal stress—Probiata helps to replenish and balance intestinal microflora while supporting healthy digestion and regularity.

Unlike many other high-potency probiotic supplements on the market today that contain multiple strains of bacteria that have not been studied in combination or at high potencies, Probiata contains a proprietary strain of Lactobacillus known as LP229V® (Lactobacillus plantarum 229v). The subject of more than 75 scientific studies and 25 years of research, LP229V is a beneficial strain of bacteria isolated from human intestinal mucosa. Because of this, LP229V is capable of surviving exposure to stomach acid, as well as resisting the effect of bile acids in the small intestines. Research also shows that this novel probiotic strain readily adheres to the cells that line the intestinal wall where it proliferates and forms a protective barrier against harmful microbes.

In human trials, LP229V has been shown to improve the health of intestinal mucosa, reduce the incidence of diarrhea triggered by antibiotic use, decrease abdominal bloating and discomfort and help relieve gas. LP229V was also found to support a healthy inflammatory response in the gut. Since poor gastrointestinal health can undermine the quality of life, compromise immunity, prevent efficient detoxification and contribute to a wide variety of systemic health conditions, taking Probiata can fortify your digestive system so it can more readily tackle the digestive challenges of everyday life.

“We are delighted to add these two Probiata products to Wakunaga’s family of digestive supplements,” says Jay Levy, director of sales for Wakunaga of America. “Probiata Digestion Support provides a high potency probiotic designed for everyday use. Not only does it foster healthy digestive function, it also supports intestinal immunity and a healthy gut environment. Probiata Critical Care, on the other hand, provides 50 billion CFUs to help restore microbial balance to the digestive system during times of gastrointestinal stress or after a course of antibiotics.”

Like all of Wakunaga’s probiotic supplements, both Probiata Digestion Support and Probiata Critical Care guarantee potency through the expiration date on the product. This means that consumers can rest assured knowing that they are getting the number of live CFUs promised on the label. 

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