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Will sustainability issues spoil omega-3s future?

Will sustainability issues spoil omega-3s future?
Will sustainability be an issue for omega-3s in 2012?  What does the future hold for the category? See what suppliers have to say.

"We continue to see growth in the number of flax seed launches with many making omega-3 Marilyn Stieveclaims. From 2009 to 2010 we saw an increase of 38 percent of new products entering the market with flax seed. We believe in 2012 we will continue to see increases. Flax seed allows for both excellent source and good source nutrient content claims for ALA-Omega-3 so it is an ideal ingredient for use in making omega-3-containing products.  

Sustainability in the fish oil market is certainly a big issue that will continue to face that industry over the coming years. Flax seed is a crop that is grown annually, mainly in Canada and the upper Midwest. It is a very sustainable ingredient that is high in ALA-Omega-3s, gluten free and non allergenic."

—Marilyn Stieve, Business Development Manager, Glanbia Nutritionals

"According to Nutrition Business Journal, omega-3s continue to grow 18-20 percent per year. Clearly consumers recognize the benefits of n-3 supplementation… however I believe that nowEric Anderson not only are consumers beginning to recognize the different sources of omegas, for example ALA from plants as being different from EPA and DHA from marine sources, but also within the n-3 space the different types. Most n-3s are triglyceride oils, while krill provides EPA and DHA bound to phospholipids, which is a more bio-efficient and tolerable source.

Sustainability of all foods is increasing in visibility, and this is positive as consumers are  becoming aware of these issues and can make purchase decisions based upon this. The demand for omega-3s will likely outstrip the supply of fish oil in the next five years, especially as emerging markets such as China explode. Krill oil will play a vital role in helping to meet this consumer demand. Given the benefits of omega-3s, all sources need to be addressed to meet the global needs."

—Eric Anderson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Aker BioMarine Antarctic

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