Wojo Nutrition launches via Indiegogo

Wojo Nutrition launches via Indiegogo

First commercial production of new single-dose liquid supplements launches with Indiegogo campaign, June 1 to July 15.

There’s a new way to take your vitamins. Startup company, Wojo Nutrition, LLC, is making an entirely new form of dietary supplement available to consumers. Wojo, a line of single-dose liquid supplements, can be added to any beverage—hot or cold—and is packaged for on-the-go lifestyles. With wojo, today’s health-conscious consumers eliminate the side effects of vitamin tablets, which can be hard to swallow and slow to absorb, while choosing benefits for their specific daily needs

Designed for personalization, wojo was created by a team of vitamin and botanical experts, for FDA-compliant formulations that meet your changing needs. Vitamins, herbal extracts and other nutrients combine to create six distinct wojo formulations: ENERGY, FOCUS, SUN, CALM, MOOD and WELL. Wojo will be available to the public through crowdfunding website Indiegogo starting June 1. Contributors are invited to “go wojo on Indiegogo,” to help launch the next generation of dietary supplements.

“Wojo is more than a supplement,” said Carol Knowles, founder of Wojo Nutrition. “It’s a tangible reminder for all of us to focus on what we want from our day and be proactive in making that happen. With wojo, we can live healthier in a simpler, more convenient way, no matter what our lifestyles dictate at any given moment.”


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