The 11th Annual NBJ Summit is Sold Out

The 11th Annual NBJ Summit is Sold Out

With a theme of "Nutrition Industry 2015: From Strategy to Sustainability - Sharpening Focus and Managing Innovation in Maturing Markets", this year's NBJ Summit looks to be one of the best, perhaps one of the reasons for its current sold-out status.

From the traditional opening session, "The NBJ State of the Industry" to the closing keynote address by Walter Robb: Perspectives on the Future of Our Industry, executives will discuss theories of innovation, how to get a larger role in the US Healthcare environment, hear from Dr. Taylor Hartman presenting The People Code for CEO's, and Adam Werbach on Sustainability and Strategy for Nutrition Industry Companies, with additional sessions on 'Green Success', and a line up of networking events that promises to keep attendees stimulated and engaged.

The attendee list is powerful. Executives from evolving organizations to mature mainstays will be networking together, sharing ideas and visions and creating relationships.

For those that aren't able to make it this year, see you next year.

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