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14-Center Study Confirms Effectiveness of Aller-7 in 545 People With Airborne Allergies

BENICIA, Calif., Feb 18, 2005 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- InterHealth Nutraceuticals today announced that a multicenter clinical trial spanning three years and involving 545 patients in 14 clinical centers has confirmed the safety and efficacy of Aller-7(R) in people with allergic rhinitis (airborne allergies). Aller-7 is a patented nutritional ingredient marketed by InterHealth Nutraceuticals, Inc., available in a wide variety of dietary supplements sold in natural health stores.

The study, published in the "International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology Research" (XXIV (2/3): 79-94, 2004), found that over a period of 12 weeks, 94% of patients in open label trials and 92% of patients in double-blind, placebo-controlled trials treated with Aller-7 reported an improvement in symptoms ranging from more than 40 to 100 percent. Complete relief from sneezing, running nose and nasal congestion in open label trials was seen in 28 percent, 37 percent and 45 percent of patients, respectively.

"This major clinical milestone provides further confirmation of the efficacy and safety of Aller-7," stated Dr. V.S. Saxena, the study director at the Clinical Research Division of ASA Foundation, which coordinated the studies. "Aller-7 can safely provide the symptomatic relief that allows airborne allergy sufferers to regain quality of life and overall function."

According to Dr. Saxena, significant improvement was also observed in absolute eosinophil count, mucociliary clearance time and peak nasal flow rate, providing objective support to the patients' experiences. No serious side-effects were observed, thus demonstrating that Aller-7 is both well tolerated and efficacious in combating the symptoms of airborne allergies.

Airborne allergies affect more than 40 million people in U.S., who spend in excess of $4.5 billion annually in search of relief. The initial stages of allergic rhinitis are seasonal in nature, but often become perennial. The most common allergens include household dust, dust mites, pet dander and pollens.

"Given the prevalence of airborne allergies and the attendant side-effects of many medications, all-natural Aller-7 is being embraced by consumers," stated William "Skip" Seroy, president of InterHealth. "For many, side-effects of these medications, such as nervousness, headache, fatigue and drowsiness, are worse than the symptoms themselves. Aller-7 is taken as a dietary supplement before allergy season starts or even all year round, if perennial breathing difficulties are a problem, making it an ideal long-term solution without any of those debilitating side effects."

According to Seroy, no other all-natural allergy product has been as extensively tested as Aller-7. "The multicenter clinical trial on Aller-7 not only sets a research standard for all-natural allergy relief, but for natural products as a whole," stated Seroy.

More than 10 years in the making, Aller-7 is a patented blend of seven herbal extracts, including Phyllanthus emblica (fruit), Terminalia chebula (fruit), Terminalia bellerica (fruit), Albizia lebbeck (bark), Zingiber officinale (root), Piper longum (fruit) and Piper nigrum (fruit). Made by a unique three-step extraction process, Aller-7 contains standardized levels of polyphenols, chebulic acid, glycosides, piperine, gallic acid, ellagic acid and gingerols.

Aller-7 is patented under U.S. Patent 6,730,332 with worldwide patents pending. Aller-7 was developed by Natural Remedies Ltd, Bangalore, India and is sold by InterHealth Nutraceuticals as an ingredient to manufacturers of dietary supplements. The Aller-7 ingredient can be found in many popular brands and is sold almost exclusively in natural health stores. Consumers can identify products that contain Aller-7 by looking for the Aller-7 logo on the label.

About InterHealth Nutraceuticals, Inc.

InterHealth Nutraceuticals researches, develops, markets and distributes specialty nutritional ingredients, which are sold worldwide to manufacturers of dietary supplements and nutraceutical food and beverage products. In addition to Aller-7(R), the company's products include SuperCitriMax(R), ChromeMate(R), OptiBery(R), UC-II(TM), L-OptiZinc(R) and Protykin(R). For more information about InterHealth and its products, call 1-800-783-4636 or 1-707-751-2800 (outside U.S) or visit the website at

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