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2006 Functional Foods Japan Product Report Now Available

TARRYTOWN, N.Y., February 13, - A report on the Japanese functional foods product industry, 'Functional Foods Japan 2006', is now complete. This 140 page report is invaluable for companies planning to develop new products or looking for new product development inspirations in the $66 billion global industry of functional foods. The functional foods category is still new for many food and nutraceutical companies and finding a route to successful product development is difficult. This report is a collection of over 300 functional foods introduced in Japan, including both unregulated functional foods without health claims and regulated health claim functional foods, or FOSHU (Foods for Specified Health Use).

Paul Yamaguchi & Associates, Inc., a Japanese nutritional research and consultancy, compiled the report.

Japan is not only the country of the rising sun, but also the country where modern functional foods were born, and they have become a part of the fabric of Japanese healthy living. Japan legally approves functional foods, and the functional food market is now one of the most advanced in the world. For these reasons, functional foods developments in Japan are often cited as indicative of possible developments in the United States, Europe and other Asian countries. What the Western functional market is experiencing now is what Japan experienced over a decade ago. The Japanese functional foods market is now $16 billion. The Japanese spent $130 per person per year on functional foods compared with $77 per person per year in the US, $46 for Europeans and an estmated $3 or so for other Asian countries. Since 1990, it is estimated that over 5,500 new functional foods have been introduced in Japan, an average of about 400 a year. On any given day there are 1,500 to 2,000 functional foods on the market and 500 of them have qualified for FOSHU status.

This 140 page report features over 300 products in 17 unregulated functional food product categories and 8 FOSHU categories. In each category, you’ll find a brief market overview and product trends. Each product is accompanied with a large color photo and detailed specifications of the product, including functional components being used for the product and its benefits, annual sales and product notes. No other report covers Japanese functional foods products as extensively as this one.

The report is available in PDF format delivered electronically (E-mail) and on CD-ROM. The report costs $439.00.

Visit our website for the details.


Paul Yamaguchi & Associates, Inc.

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