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3 Vega-fueled athletes head to Olympics

3 Vega-fueled athletes head to Olympics
Vega Ambassadors triathlete Simon Whitfield, windsurfer Bob Willis and marathon runner Dylan Wykes are headed to London.

Vega, the leading plant-based, natural health and performance products company, celebrates the participation of three Vega Ambassadors in the upcoming London Olympic Games. Fueled by Vega products, triathlete Simon Whitfield, windsurfer Bob Willis and marathon runner Dylan Wykes are headed to the biggest competition in the world. Even though they will compete in separate events this summer, all three athletes are linked by their confidence in Vega’s plant-based products for improved athletic performance.

Simon Whitfield, Bob Willis, and Dylan Wykes share the same goal: to be the best in their sport. Bob Willis, the youngest windsurfer in the Olympics since 1988, commends Vega for allowing him to maintain lean power in his weight-sensitive sport. And Dylan Wykes appreciates that Vega is quick and easy to prepare, ensuring that he gets the proper nutrition at the proper time in between training sessions.

All three athletes’ participation in Vega’s Ambassador Program goes beyond these practical benefits. These athletes represent success at the highest level and want to share their inspiring stories with the rest of the Vega community. For example, Simon Whitfield recognizes that with results come responsibilities and takes very seriously his roles as triathlon’s ambassador to Canada, Canada’s ambassador to the world, and now, a proud ambassador for Vega.

Vega’s formulator, Brendan Brazier, Ironman champion and best-selling performance nutrition author, supports the hard work and dedication of his fellow Vega Ambassadors. “I’m excited that more and more elite athletes are incorporating plant-based, whole foods into their training routines,” says Brendan. “I can’t wait to see how far these three will go at the Games; the entire Vega team will be rooting for them.”

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