30 Days of Active Skincare Ingredients Packed Into One Precious Bead

NEW Renouvelle(TM) Puts a Whole New 'Twist' on Natural

GREEN BAY, Wis., June 19 -- No more jars and bottles of anti- wrinkle creams that skimp on active ingredients, but instead offer lots of water, fillers, chemicals and who knows what inside. EuroPharma introduces Renouvelle(TM) Restoring Nighttime Treatment, made of only 100% pure, natural plant actives delivered as essential oils. Each ultra-concentrated, heart- shaped Renouvelle(TM) bead delivers as much anti-aging benefits as the typical 30-day jar of skin cream. When used nightly, Renouvelle(TM) assures skin's redemption purely, naturally, and quickly -- without unnecessary or unwholesome ingredients.

Renouvelle(TM)'s exclusive formula contains the active ingredients typically found in a 30-day supply of skin cream, with nothing more added. A review of the average cosmetic label, which lists ingredients in their descending order, indicates that many anti-wrinkle creams and moisturizers consist mostly of water, and contain perhaps only 3-5% active or beneficial ingredients. And while water tops ingredient lists, synthetic additives aren't far behind in the line-up. These do little for the skin and can instead be irritating or even toxic.

A whole new twist on natural, Renouvelle(TM) contains no fillers and nothing synthetic -- no preservatives, no additives, no colors or chemicals. Only 100% pure, natural plant actives including Chilean Musk Rose oil, Borage oil, Helianthus oil, Bitter Orange oil and Orange oil. Its pure ingredients are distinctively packaged in single-application, heart-shaped beads that open with just a twist to release the rejuvenating oil. The light oil is quickly absorbed, is non-greasy, and visibly improves skin's resilience overnight to create a noticeable lifting effect.


What works for your skin at 20 just won't do at 35 -- and by the time you hit 40, almost every woman needs a richer, more penetrating and hydrating regimen to combat the dryness and wrinkles that accompany aging. New nightly Renouvelle(TM) gives skin a second chance with a unique, natural formula that visibly renews skin, leaving it feeler softer, smoother and looking more radiant.

Renouvelle(TM) Restoring Nighttime Treatment for the face contains all- natural, scientifically supported ingredients to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, marks, and scars. During our twenties, skin cells gradually lose their elasticity and moisture, and our complexion becomes dull and lifeless, losing the smooth and supple glow of youth. Renouvelle(TM) penetrates the skin's outer layers and is delivered to the fatty layer beneath the skin, where it strengthens and hydrates it. This unique, revitalizing night care treatment gives skin the strength to fight the visible signs of aging.


Women have hectic lives and are often too busy to keep up with a complex skincare regimen. Renouvelle(TM) is an easy-to-use, luxurious little gem that allows women to easily pamper themselves at the end of a busy day. It takes only seconds to give skin a rejuvenating nightly dose of Renouvelle(TM)'s nourishing treatment. As a result, beautiful skin becomes possible at any age with very little effort, so women can quickly enjoy healthy looking skin that radiates vitality.

Renouvelle(TM) is suitable for all skin types. A month-supply jar of 30 heart-shaped beads retails for $39.95 and is available at health food stores, pharmacies and specialty stores nationwide.

In addition to Renouvelle(TM), EuroPharma offers other natural products for total body care, including premium personal care and therapeutic skincare lines, a line of natural remedies, and dietary supplements for skin tailored to make you feel and look your absolute best. All of EuroPharma's unique beauty formulas are natural, safe, and effective -- free of harsh chemicals and synthetic preservatives.

EuroPharma, Inc., is a European-inspired company offering natural products for better health and healthier beauty. The company embraces the theory of holism and offers high-quality internal and external cosmeceutical formulas to promote the vital synergy between health and beauty. EuroPharma is committed to excellence in every area, only introducing formulas whose ingredients have been thoroughly researched and demonstrated to be safe, natural and effective. For more information, visit www.EuroPharmaUSA.com .

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