ABB's New Speed Stack® Powder Packets Pack A Punch

Whether you want to get up for a big workout, or cut up for a major competition, Speed Stack’s got the MethXanth stack you need – and it leaves out everything you don’t. This stimulating pre-workout formula contains yerba mate, Advantra Z® bitter orange extract, guarana and caffeine with no sugar, 5 calories and just one gram of carbs. But sometimes having to tote an 18-ounce bottle to the gym can get in the way of progress. Not with American Body Building’s new Speed Stack® powdered packets in popular Fruit Punch flavor.

“ABB’s new Speed Stack® powder packets provide the same energy, focus and thermogenic boost as the ready-to-drink version in a pre-measured packet small and thin enough to tuck into any pouch or pocket,” said John Fay, Marketing Analyst with ABB® in Aurora. “Since every gym is going to have a water bottle vending machine or water fountain, the convenience factor is off the charts. Of course, so is the energetic boost that Speed Stack provides.” Speed Stack® powdered packets are sold in boxes of one dozen at gyms and health food stores everywhere.

American Body Building is a wholly owned subsidiary of Optimum Nutrition. The success of both companies is based on a long history of listening to customers, researching the latest scientific studies and exercising strict quality controls over every step of in-house product formulation and manufacturing. Both Optimum Nutrition and American Body Building offer comprehensive lines of powder, liquid, energy bar, capsule and tablet sports supplements.

For more information on American Body Building or new Speed Stack® powder

Or contact Tim Weigard at 630-236-6707.

700 N. Commerce Street, Aurora, IL 60504

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