ABC offers guide to pronouncing plant names

ABC offers guide to pronouncing plant names

Guide is ideal for instructors who want to make botanical nomenclature part of their coursework.  

The American Botanical Council is excited to announce a new product in its online e-store. ABC members get 10 percent off the retail price if they log in before they order.

Guide to Pronouncing Plant Names
A Guide to Pronouncing Plant Names by Judith Sims, 2012, is ideal for individuals who want to teach themselves proper pronunciation of Latin plant names as well as for instructors who want to make botanical nomenclature a part of their coursework.

A succinct and entertaining guide to the pronunciation of Latin plant binomials. Covering 230 plant names, this guide is a set of drills designed to help you learn the scientific names of plants quickly and feel comfortable pronouncing them. Perfected over the past decade, this guide relies on at least four to six sources, and sometimes as many as 12, for the pronunciation of each name. Based on the tried and true concept of repetitive drills as a means of learning, the guide is available as a digital CD with PDF of extra materials included for those who want a totally digital version or as an Audio CD with printed materials included. $30 for either format.

Either format will take the participant through introduction to and drills on:

*  the reason for Latin binomials

*  adjectives

*  word endings

*  Latin dipthongs

*  consonants

*  stress patterns

*  plant parts and organs

*  pleasant epithets and useful suffixes

About the Author: Judith Sims is an educational media producer whose work has been part of the curriculum at a national herb school for more than a decade. She served as president of the North Country Herbalist Guild (1999-2000) and presents her new effort as a contribution to the larger herbal community.



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