Acatris and Schouten Products open new SoyLife factory

Minneapolis, MN – Acatris and Schouten Products opened a new factory last week for the production of SoyLife® (natural soy germ isoflavone concentrates) in Poederooijen, The Netherlands. The new factory expands the existing facilities, and guarantees the quality and continuity of the supply of Identity Preserved, non-GMO SoyLife®. Both Acatris and Schouten Products are full divisions of the Royal Schouten Group of The Netherlands.

Bert Piëst, CEO of the Royal Schouten Group, opened the new factory. Harry Christiaens, Managing Director Acatris Holding, and Paul Veth, Managing Director Schouten Products assisted him. SoyLife® is produced by Schouten Products, while the worldwide marketing and distribution is in the hands of Acatris. The new facility allows Schouten Products and Acatris to maintain and further expand their leading position in the market for natural isoflavone concentrates, a market that is characterised by an increasing demand, thanks to the beneficial effects of soy on people’s health and wellbeing.

SoyLife® is a soy germ ingredient that provides all the isoflavones, proteins, oligosaccharides, vitamin K, folic acid, essential fatty acids and other nutrients naturally found in soy germ. There is scientific evidence to support the interaction between these nutrients as being essential to good health, and that their combination has positive effects on specific health conditions.

To secure the natural matrix of nutrients, SoyLife® is produced through a mechanical process, without the use of solvents. Clinical studies have confirmed that SoyLife’s® mix of micronutrients is capable of providing the health benefits that soy is known for, which makes it possible for SoyLife® to easily improve the nutritional value of an extremely wide variety of foods. For more information on how SoyLife’s® components work together to provide the best nutritional value, visit or contact Laurent Leduc, Vice President and General Manager (USA) at P: 952-920-7700, E: [email protected]

Photos are available upon request.

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