Acatris introduces LinumLife EXTRA - high flax lignan extract

Minneapolis - Acatris is pleased to announce the release of a new ingredient: LinumLife EXTRA, a standardized flax lignan extract. With a 20% lignan concentration LinumLife EXTRA contains the highest amount of flax lignans in the market. LinumLife EXTRA is a product extension of the Acatris ’ LinumLife range of flax products - high in lignans.

LinumLife EXTRA is produced from flax hulls through a patented production process. It is standardized to contain 20% SDG (secoisolariciresinol diglycoside), the main lignan in flaxseed. Lignans have been reported to help improve prostate health, reduce menopausal symptoms, promote heart health and have benefits for acne and hair loss. To support the many existing studies showing the positive effects of flax and lignans on health, Acatris has established a clinical study program to research LinumLife EXTRA.

LinumLife EXTRA can be used in capsules or tablets. Because of the high lignan content one-per-day formulations can be developed. The extract is also suitable for flax oil enrichment and cosmetic applications. LinumLife EXTRA is virtually fat-free and has therefore a unique oxidative stability.

It is produced according to European Pharmacopeia guidelines in a GMP- and ICP-certified process.

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Acatris, division of the Dutch Royal Schouten Group, is an international organization that produces, markets and distributes ingredients for the food, health and nutrition industry. Acatris has its head office in Londerzeel (Belgium) and offices in The Netherlands, Poland, UK, Canada and USA. The product portfolio contains branded ingredients such as Pectacon®, Dadex®, SoyLife®, FenuLife® and LinumLife™.

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